5 Variants of Danisa Butter Cookies that are Best for Family Gathering

May 04, 2020

Family gathering is something precious. It is always something that we plan like once in a year or even more frequent than that. It also happens in a big moment like Eid Mubarak, thanksgiving, and else. 


Then, one meal that can’t be apart from family gathering is cookies. Who doesn’t like cookies? Nobody, I believe. Danisa Butter Cookies is the brand that I highly recommend to you. It has good flavour, good smell, such a box of joy. From all the variants they make, I will suggest you these 5 ot the best.

1.    Traditional Butter Cookies

One bite of cookie can bring a lot of memories of my childhood. I think, it is also happen to people out there including you. The classic one, the traditional one is always the best. The base ingredients are something classic like butter and milk combine with the others natural ingredients. But, of course milk and butter are the highlight in this kind of cookie.

2.    Chocolate Filled Cookies

Nothing is better than a cookie filled with the chocolate whether it is melted or not. It is also a favorite for the kids in your family or colleagues. Every kids like chocolate, right? So, to bring this cookie to your home is a must.

3.    Fruity Cookies

Not everybody in one family like chocolate. Several of them may prefer fruit flavor. Well, there are a lot of fruit that can combine with the cookies but pineapple seems very nice.

So, for you, a fruity person, I suggest you to serve pineapple filled butter cookies from Danisa Butter Cookies in your dining table. You will have a very tasty flavour form the smoothness of the cookie and the tangy pineapple that melts in your mouth.

4.    Choco Cashew Butter Cookies

Let’s talk about nuts. It is an ingredient that always creates a good taste of cookie. For me, this taste is also classic and tradisional. It reminds me to the cookie that I ever made with my mom in our little house. We always love nuts and cashew is the best of them all.

This variant of cookie is the best for you who like the crunchy cookies. Just like what my mom and I love. From cashew Danisa Butter Cookies, you will enjoy the smooth and crunchy combination of any bite. Sounds perfect, does it?

5.    Currant Butter Cookies

Who is the fan of currant? The taste of a bit sour and sweet is always good for the special moment especially family gathering. You can also get the crunchy texture in every bite. This one is a good choice for Eid Mubarak.

Well, from these 5 variants, which one is making your stomach wants to eat itself? Maybe the traditional one or even the pineapple one? You can read more about the Danisa Butter Cookies in their website royaldanisa.com. If you want to read about the history, you can also find it there. It will make you and your family happier than before.

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